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[Morristown, New Jersey] Ambit Inc., a leading integrated biopharma solutions firm, proudly announces that it has been named a winner in the Xcelerate RARE Open Science Data Challenge, hosted by Global Genes’ RARE-X.

This competition, which spanned from May 31 through August 16, 2023, was a global endeavor uniting academic and industry researchers, as well as data scientists, with the goal of advancing research on rare pediatric neurodevelopmental diseases using patient-reported data. Drawing participants from around the world, the competition attracted 132 entrants who formed 24 dedicated teams, highlighting the global resonance of the challenge.

Ambit Inc.’s Data and Analytics Team, under the leadership of Dr. Birnur Ozbas-Erdem, was recognized for its innovative computational approach in predicting disease diagnoses based on patient-reported data. The challenge presented competitors with three tasks to choose from. The Ambit team’s successful submission focused on creating machine learning algorithms to predict disease diagnoses based on the diagnostic journey of patients and their families.

Jonathan Woodring, Chief Innovation Officer at Ambit Inc., emphasized the significance of this challenge: “The Xcelerate RARE 

Challenge offered an unprecedented opportunity to bring together diverse talent from various corners of the world to address the pressing issue of rare pediatric neurodevelopmental diseases. Ambit’s success at this event epitomizes our commitment to fostering innovation in the rare disease space.”

Of the 33 responses submitted, a panel of experts rigorously evaluated the submissions and identified six winners. Ambit Inc.’s Data and Analytics Team was recognized for its outstanding computational approach to predicting diagnoses based on patient-reported data. Their predictive algorithm demonstrated a remarkable ability to outperform the example solution designated as the “base” model.

Dr. Birnur Ozbas-Erdem, Vice President and Head of Analytics and Data Products at Ambit Inc., shared her thoughts on the achievement: “Our team’s dedication to leveraging advanced analytics to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by rare pediatric neurodevelopmental diseases has been unwavering. Winning the Xcelerate RARE Challenge underscores the importance of data-driven approaches in advancing rare disease research.”

Ambit Inc. specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions to the rare and specialty disease markets, with a mission rooted in client satisfaction and innovative technology. Rob Sederman, CEO of Ambit Inc., expressed his pride in the team’s accomplishment: “At Ambit, we are committed to addressing the most complex challenges facing biopharma companies. Winning the Xcelerate RARE Challenge reaffirms our dedication to excellence in the rare disease arena.”

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