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1 year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. It’s hard to believe that just one year ago we officially launched Ambit as we know it, after the merger of Ambit Consulting Services (ACS) and Ambit RD. With the goal of helping our clients solve their most complex challenges in biopharma, our approach has been to develop novel solutions by combining deep subject matter expertise in the rare and specialty disease space with advanced analytics, commercial, medical, and digital strategy, and omnichannel execution.  

We have achieved much in our first year, including building a talented team and company culture, growing our client base, and working to develop our solution and product offerings to make an even bigger impact for those who need it most. As we mark this important anniversary, we’re excited to reflect on our accomplishments and share our vision for the future of Ambit. Join us!


Shaping the future of biopharma: One colleague at a time

Ambit’s rapid success is a direct result of the collective experience of roughly 80 individuals—all with different backgrounds, expertise and skills—that come together to form a unique and talented team. Our quick growth has led to the addition of over 50 new colleagues in 2023 alone, and we’re not stopping there.

“I joined Ambit prior to the merger and was one of the very first employees. When ACS and Ambit RD came together, there were about 15 people on the team. Now there are over 80!” said Hannah Ghelfi, Patient ID Manager. “It’s been amazing to watch the team grow and evolve so quickly. Each and every member of the team plays a vital role in the work we do, and it’s been incredible to be part of the positive impact we’re helping make on patients’ lives every day. I can’t wait to see what all we can accomplish in year two.”


Our commitment to building a supportive and collaborative culture

With any new company, building a meaningful culture takes time. This first year has been about establishing a solid foundation, and we’ve done just that.

Prioritize creating a supportive and collaborative environment for our employees. Our weekly company-wide meetings enable our colleagues to showcase their work or discuss new ideas. We’ve also launched an internal newsletter that highlights the contributions of individuals and teams within each of our product and solution areas.

“Similar to a patient journey, we have mapped out our employee journey and are working to perfect the experience from interviewing to onboarding to professional development and beyond” said Net Kitfield, Chief Commercial Officer. “We want to create a culture that’s growth-oriented, collaborative, inclusive, and fun.”

Deirdre Potter, Strategy & Operations Senior Analyst (and Culture Team member) has enjoyed watching Ambit grow. “Having the opportunity to watch Ambit grow in size and capabilities over the past year has been very exciting! Ambit’s unique culture and mission is what drives us to produce high quality work, and allows us to attract such diverse talent to our team.” said Deirdre. “To foster this environment, we have developed a dedicated Culture Team responsible for deploying initiatives to promote our ideal ways of working and sense of belonging at Ambit. These include organized coffee chats between teammates, opportunities to meet up with Ambit team members in other cities, and more!”


Growing strong: Expanding our client base and global footprint

Our 35+ clients have also played a key role in Ambit’s growth and success over the past year, representing over 100 indications, many of which are exceptionally rare. In addition, we’ve successfully identified dozens of rare disease patients for our client’s clinical trials and/or therapies. We’re proud of the work we’ve done (and continue to do) as we look to build our client base over the next year and beyond.

Our global footprint is also expanding, with several EU-based team members and approximately a third of our clients having work outside of the US. We’re excited about the opportunity to grow our business internationally and to continue to deliver impactful campaigns for clients around the world.


A sneak peek of what’s to come

Looking towards the future, we have big plans! We’re excited to open offices in both New York City and Boston later this year, which will give our team members in those areas a chance to collaborate in-person. We also plan to continue growing our team, with a goal of reaching 100 employees by the end of 2023.

As we reflect on our first year, we have a lot to be grateful for. A team that will go above and beyond for each other and the clients we work with—and our clients, who have been a part of Ambit’s foundation and growth. We’re excited about what the future holds and can’t wait to continue delivering exceptional results for our clients, while fostering a supportive and inclusive culture for our team, as we work to transform lives touched by life-altering medical conditions.

Stay up to date with Ambit as we head into year two! Visit our website at or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.